Play Session Pricing

LuluLand Sensory Play & Messy Play Sessions
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1-HR $35.00
2-HR $45.00

*25% Siblings Discount Remains
*25% First-Timber Discount Remains

Play Session Multi-Packs

Multi-Pack 5-Pack 10-Pack
1-HR $150
Save $25
2-HR $190
Save $35

*Online Booking Essential With Multi-Pack
*Multi-pack Has No Expiration

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Play Session Opening Hours



9am – 12pm


9:30am – 12pm


Opening hours VARY during weekends & public holidays due to private events and staff availability. Please check online & booking essential.

LuluLand’s sensory & messy play is designed to be unstructured and unrestricted in a freeplay format, creating a safe and comfortable environment for kids to create, play and explore at their own free will.


This unstructured design means you can come in anytime during our opening hours*, with no requirements to be ‘on time’, at the very beginning of each freeplay. This is to provide a hassle-free experience, with flexibilities and no time pressure.

Why sensory activities are important for kid’s early developments?

I started LuluLand because of my own little one, Milana. When she was 1 and abit, lockdown happened and with nothing to do but stay inside, she started gravitating towards all the messy activities like painting, drawing, water play, rice, and foam activities. To help her, I started a mini playground in my balcony and low and behold, that’s where LuluLand was born.

Sensory development is a basic component for mastering many skills: cognitive activity, thinking, communication, emotions intellect, imagination, memory, and concentration. Also, scientists have proven that the control of fine motor skills of hands involves the centres of the brain, which are also responsible for speech.

Seeing how Mila loved her sensory play was so inspiring that I just had to read more about it, try different things with her and in that time, I could really see how she was developing over time while having so much fun.

That is why in LuluLand we think it’s important to emphasize on sensory activities that are so important for our kid’s development. Give children freedom to try different things and have no restrictions in making a mess.

There will be different sensory stations that kids can explore. Themes changes weekly.

These sensory sessions are very messy, please Bring Towel and Change of Cloth.

Private Event

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  • Customisable play activities
  • Exclusiveness
  • In-house amenities
  • Simple party decorations
  • Flexible event timing option

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