1. Can I leave my child at the studio?

Sorry, no. All kids must be always accompanied by at least one parent/guardian at the studio. Parent/guardian are responsible for the supervision of their child.
Please let us know if you would like us to do drop-off sessions in the future.

2. What’s recommended age for your sensory classes?

Our sensory play is designed for kids 8-month-old to 5-year-old. Different stations target different age groups.
We also welcome all age groups, as sensory activity is a versatile and valuable tool for individuals of all ages.

3. Do I need to be there ‘on-time’ for your sensory sessions?

Our sessions are designed to be unstructured and unrestricted in a freeplay format. Our studio creates a safe and empowering environment for kids to create, play and explore at their own free will.
This unstructured design means you can come in anytime during our opening hours, with no requirements to show up‘on-time’, at the very beginning of each freeplay session. This is to provide a hassle-free and a time-pressure-free experience, with maximum flexibility.

4. Does LuluLand open on weekends?

Generally, yes, but our opening hours vary during weekends & public holidays, due to private event bookings and/or staff availabilities.
Please check our online booking page for the most up-to-date opening hours, and book online to secure your spot.

5. Can I bring food/snacks to LuluLand?

Of course.
There is a dedicated kitchenette, with a fridge and a seating area with a table.
We also have a Nespresso machine and a selection of tea bags, which you can help yourself while the kids are playing. Remember to keep the space clean, sanitise your and your child’s hands before & after eating.

6. Can I wear shoes in the studio. Or I should bringSocks with me?

Both kids and adults must remove their shoes at our studio. Adults must wear socks, while kids have the option to be barefoot.
We clean our studio, including our studio floor after each session, that’s why we are closed between 12-2pm, to properly clean & reset, ensuring every sensory session is a fresh & sanitised one for you and your little ones.

7. How should I dress my kid(s) for your sensory sessions?

For our play sessions, dress your kids in comfortable attire suitable for movement. Opt for clothes you don’t mind getting ‘dirty’ or wet, given the nature of our sensory play activities. Bring a spare change of clothes in case things get particularly messy and take advantage of our spacious in-studio bathroom for convenient cleaning, nappy and clothing changes. This ensures your kids can fully embrace the sensory experience without worrying about the mess.

8. Is it possible to hire the studio space for other activities?

Of course.
Our studio is perfect for kid’s birthday parties, mothers group catch ups, family gatherings, gender reveals, bridal showers, team building events, corporate family events, Christmas parties, product launch events, media presentations, video filming & photoshoot sessions etc. Simply email info@lululand.com.au to check Studio availability.

9. Where can I find parking.

There are several street parking spots available within close proximity of our studio, please see Google Map screenshots below for reference.

If no street parking available, there is the East Village Shopping Center carpark available for 2 hours free parking (check their website for any parking updates), and its 5 min walking distance to LuluLand.

Another convenient place to park is Supa Centa Moore Park (Baby Bunting Exit), unlimited parking, also 5 min walking to the studio.

You can check out our “How to find us” Instagram post for a complete parking guide nearby our studio.