LuluLand – A place for kids to express themselves and let their imagination run wild.

LuluLand is a family-run sensory & messy play studio for kids aged 8-months to 5-years-old, located at Wulaba Park in Waterloo NSW 2017.

Leveraging two established approaches with Emilia Reggio & Montessori in child-led learning, LuluLand innovated its own operating philosophy, creating an empowering studio environment that enables your children to best navigate and champion their own interests.

LuluLand is a place where you can let your kids’ imagination run wild. We’ve designed our freeplay activities to be unstructured and explorative in nature, providing unrestricted fun for kids, while hassle-free for parents.

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My Story

Hey everyone! My name is Anna and I’d love to introduce you to something really dear to my heart…LuluLand. LuluLand is a sensory studio for kids (from 8 month to 5 years old), a place where they can make a mess, learn, and have fun all at the same time!

I started LuluLand because of my own little one, Milana. When she was 1 and abit, lockdown happened and with nothing to do but stay inside, she started gravitating towards all the messy activities like painting, drawing, water play, rice, and foam activities. To help her, I started a mini playground in my balcony and low and behold, that’s where LuluLand was born. Seeing how Mila loved her sensory play was so inspiring that I just had to read more about it, try different things with her and in that time, I could really see how she was developing over time while having so much fun.

We live in an apartment here in Zetland, and as I’m sure you would know – having a messy play area in a small unit can be a challenge at the best of times. Space is limited, and don’t get me started on the clean up! So why not take this outside and give kids an actual space where they’re free to do what they want, without any limitations but their own imagination. And the best part for parents? Clean-up is on me. All you need to do is come over, chill, and enjoy quality time with your child.

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Our Goal

LuluLand’s goal is to build the most empowering environment for kids to learn & play. Our purpose is to nurture children aged 8-months to 5-years-old in a stimulating environment, where we encourage kids to explore, learn, and grow through sensory play, while providing a sanctuary for adults. We thrive to inspire confident and curious young minds, offering both children and caregivers a haven of wellness and growth.

Our Mission

LuluLand’s mission is to empower children through imaginative, sensory play while providing caregivers a tranquil retreat. We equip kids with tools for confident, curious exploration, fostering a lifelong passion for learning and creativity. We’re dedicated to making playtime a transformative, lifelong experience.

What LuluLand Offers

Multi-purpose studio that turns dreams into an unforgettable experience

Pride in our customer engagement and value co-creation

Newly certified and renovated studio space, to provide a safe and homely environment for kids

Hassle-free for parents and a great time for kids

Located right next to kids’ favourite Wulaba Park and easily accessible from East Village Shopping Centre in Zetland

Lululand’s unique Edutaining Experience (educational entertainment)

Our Happy Parents

I’ve been to Lululand with my 2 kids (1 and 3) and both LOVED it. And I did too as they got to do messy play and I didn’t have to clean up anything!!! I’d highly recommend checking this place out.

- Kate

Thank you again for today Anna it was a very special day for me and after a few stressful weeks you have brought a lot of happiness xxx.

- Samantha

My sister said my son had the best time! Thank you so so much for an awesome experience. We will certainly be back❤️.

- Sezen

Best place to go with young kids!
There's not many places you can take kids where they're free to paint the walls and play as freely as they like. Anna has created a space that not only lets kids be kids but lets parents relax knowing their kids will be entertained in a safe, clean space.
It became my safe haven when I had my second baby and needed a place I could keep my toddler busy.

- Michael Harrison

I recently hosted my son’s 3rd birthday party at Lululand and it was an absolute delight! We booked the venue for exclusive use, and the owner went above and beyond to set up a fantastic dinosaur-themed experience, which made the party extra special. The kids enjoyed sensory messy play, and the parents had a great time catching up in a welcoming atmosphere. The attention to detail and the effort put into making the day memorable truly stood out. Thank you, Anna, for creating such wonderful memories for us. Highly recommended!

- Laura Chan

I have shared many beautiful memories with my Son at Lulu Land. We recently celebrated his 2nd birthday which was a wonderful success. The space is perfect for birthday parties and they are very accommodating for outside catering or any requests. I love the venues high ceiling, natural light and overlook onto a green park. It's a superb gem that i highly recommend. I have also been coming to the studio once a fortnight and my 2 year old loves the space. He is allowed to get messy and be creative, all the play stations are changed up daily, he never gets bored, it's an amazing space for learning and having a lot of fun. The owner Anna and her staff are incredibly welcoming and as soon as i walk in, i feel relaxed and at ease. Not only does my son have a very enjoyable experience every time we visit, i also find that i am relaxed and uplifted when i leave. I love the play stations, they are a great mix of activities aimed to encourage exploring, and play; recently they have had a live pianist onsite so my son hears classical music as he plays. Truly an amazing environment both for parent and child. I would highly recommend this place to all parents. The other great thing is that the studio is located next to a green park with play equipment, so when we leave my son always has a little fun in the park before we go home. Highly recommended A+++++.

- Olivia

We love Lulu! It is in our neighbourhood and my baby girl has such a fun time there. Music sessions are her favorite and she feels so confident playing with kids and toys. It is very safe and warm enviorment for kids, and it really saves my couple of hours throughout the day! You can grab free coffee and chill while your kid is checking out different activities! Will come back soon for sure!

- Mari Zela

We have visited Lululand several times and we love this place. Anna is very hospitable and my daughter loves spending time there. I hear they change the setup from time to time, so every time we visit, we find something new and never get tired of it!

- Sayuri “Lily” F

I recently celebrated my nephew's birthday at LuLuLand, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the experience.

The owners were exceptionally friendly, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere right from the moment we arrived.

The highlight of the visit was the set-up they had in place, exactly how I have imagined and requested. The playground was a sensory wonderland, with an array of different toys and activities designed to engage and entertain kids.

My nephew and his friends had an absolute blast exploring the vibrant and imaginative play spaces. From drawing on walls to interactive sensory stations, there was something for every child's taste and preference. It was heartwarming to see the joy and excitement on their faces as they explored the playground.

The attention to detail in creating an environment that is not only fun but also safe and conducive to sensory exploration was evident. I was impressed with the cleanliness and overall maintenance of the facility, ensuring a worry-free playtime for both kids and parents.

Overall, I can't recommend this sensory child playground enough. It's a fantastic place to celebrate birthdays and create cherished memories for your little ones.

To all the Dads out there, if your wife is shopping and hanging out with friends, take your little ones there. They also do hourly sessions, great way to “kill time” 😂 and having quality times with your kids.

Parking: best to park at East Village or find street parking!

- Dfresh 13